One of the main purposes of the Famaleonis Cultural Association is to re-enact small Italian brothers-in-arms mercenary.

The members of this Association are given an opportunity to cover typical activities and roles in use in the infantry that made history at the time of great Italian leaders in the second half of the 15th century. The equipment used by each Famaleonis member or collaborator, both defensive and offensive, have been rebuilt in detail in conformity with each specific role assigned to them.

At our military events, you can witness training sessions, fencing with cold and pole weapons, as well as marches and changing of the guards. You can also find soldiers working hard on the maintenance of their equipment. Women will be busy managing fires, pots and kitchen utensils and will be responsible for the preparation of dishes taken from books of the era as well as other activities of daily life.

Visitors will be active participants.

By stepping back into the 1400s, they will be given the opportunity to interact with re-enactors to discover the customs of an extraordinarily charming era.