We would be glad to start a cooperation with all those Companies, Associations, Public and Private Institutions, whose main interest is to spread and exchange.

Cultural associations, historical groups, local entities and private citizens are all welcome to participate. The only fundamental prerequisite is a complete sharing of the objectives we promote and the approach that sets our activities apart.
The following is a list of some of the initiatives you can participate in:

  • Military events (both in camps and indoors)
  • Glimpses into daily life (feasts, courtly settings, etc.)
  • Historical market
  • Filming (videos, short films, documentaries)
  • Theme-based conferences
  • Presentations of books and other publications
  • Guided tours in museums and/or historical sites

Upon request, Famaleonis also provides historical installations in public or private buildings for both historical events and standalone initiatives.

Weapons, armor, equipment, clothing, furniture and everyday objects can all be provided to create a wide variety of contexts to bring your space back to the past!

While moving through the re-enactment, visitors will experience a one-of-a-kind event while learning exciting information about the customs common in Italy in the late 1400s.

Give the gift of exhilarating emotions with an AUTHENTIC space, re-enacted in detail according to careful research of artifacts, iconography and original documents.